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Larkfield  and East Malling
Methodist Church

Larkfield  and East Malling
Methodist Church

Called to Love and Praise


We are a friendly, welcoming Church, of all ages with a membership of around 80, and many more in our wider Church family.

Our Church family comes mainly from the villages of Larkfield, East and West Malling, Kings Hill, Addington, Leybourne, Ditton and Aylesford, all of which are just west of the County town of Maidstone in Kent.

We enjoy worship in a variety of styles from traditional to modern, and our congregations usually include a wide variety of ages, from toddlers to octogenarians.


See our Services page for full details of in-person and on-line services and opportunities for worship.

There are a large number of regular groups and activities (see activities  and Children and Family pages). 

Girls Brigade, Boys Brigade and Messy Church are term-time only.​


A Warm welcome awaits visitors to our Community Hub in the Sycamore Tree.

Community Hub

Our Warm Space has evolved into a Community Hub, with one less day and shorter hours. 

As a Community Hub, we will be open on Mondays and Wednesdays 10am to 4pm. Do call in for a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate. There’s always cakes or cookies, and soup and other snacks if you come at lunch-time.

If you would like to volunteer on a regular or occasional basis, please speak to Monica.

Rosemary's News...


Dear friends,

Have you noticed that this year, the great festival of Pentecost actually coincides with the Bank Holiday weekend? The Church has been using the name of the Jewish Feast of Pentecost for many years now – Pentecost, which means ‘50th day’ because it was 50 days after Passover, was a Jewish harvest festival when the the first-fruits of the corn harvest were presented (Deut. 16:9) and, later the giving of the Law by Moses was commemorated. As the Holy Spirit came upon the Apostles on this day (Acts 2:1), the Church used its name to celebrate -the coming of the Spirit. When I was a child it was called ‘Whitsun’ and the Bank Holiday was Whit Monday – because baptism candidates and others often wore white. Many years ago now the UK government decided to fix the Bank Holiday as the last Monday in May. At the same time they created a new and secular name, Spring Bank Holiday (because after all it wasn’t necessarily at Whitsun/Pentecost.) Pentecost moves each year, because it’s 50 days after Easter, and Easter moves, like Passover, with the phases of the moon.

Whenever it falls, it’s a great day! Celebrating the coming of the Holy Spirit in Jerusalem to fulfill Jesus’ promise to his disciples of Another – Another Counsellor, Another Helper, Another Advocate, Another Comforter (where comfort has its archaic sense of ‘strengthen’). The promise fulfilled in history means the promise remains open to us today – the Holy Spirit makes all the difference, makes us bold, gives us power to be witnesses to Jesus – and grows beautiful fruit in us. The ancient prayer ‘Come, Holy Spirit’ is one we can pray with confidence (and not just at Pentecost!)

This year I discovered a beautiful hymn – 383 in Singing the Faith:

Holy Spirit, gift bestower,
Breathe into our hearts today.
Flowing water, dove that hovers,
Holy Spirit, guide our way.
Love inspirer, joy releaser,
Spirit, take our fears away.
Reconciler, peace restorer,
Move among us while we pray.

Holy Spirit, Christ proclaimer,
Wisdom bringer, light our way.
Fire that dances, wind that whispers,
Holy Spirit, come today.
Ease disturber, comfort bearer,
Move among us while we pray.

Truth revealer, faith confirmer,
Rest within our hearts today.

So Amen! Come, Holy Spirit! Come and lead us on into all truth, that the world may know and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ!



Stop Press:

Updated 19/5/23

A message from Rev. Naomi:

Time has flown by, and Abigail is now nearly four months old. She's smiling and chuckling (particularly at her sister's attempts to teach her the actions to 'wind the bobbin up'). Rachel is continuing to enjoy life as a big sister (and, the dyed-in-the-wool Methodists among you will be pleased to hear, was recently found trying to smuggle a small statue of John Wesley into soft play). Luke will begin his three months of shared parental leave at the end of June, and we're all looking forward to spending more time as a foursome. I continue to be so grateful to all of you (and particularly Rosemary) for enabling me to have this ti me to focus wholeheartedly on the girls, and for your cards, gifts, meals and prayers. Abi has enjoyed her visits to Burham's Country Lunch, Eccles' Good Friday craft morning, Larkfield's Warm Space celebration lunch, and TRMC's Friendship Lunch, and has certainly got the idea that Methodists like to 'do lunch'!

On Saturday 9 September, we're planning to hold a dedication service for Abigail, at either Larkfield or Tonbridge Road (depending on numbers). The service will be followed by a light lunch. We'd be delighted if any of you wanted to join us - if so, kindly let me know by email by 30 June. (Don't worry about my out- of-office reply - I'll be dipping into my inbox specifically to find emails about the dedication!)

With love and prayers, Naomi, Luke, Rachel & Abigail

Dial-in service - Thursday 1st June at 10am

Our dial-in service is now taking place monthly, at 10am on the first Thursday of the month. You are warmly invited to join us this morning, as we reflect together on the theme of Epiphany, through poetry, through Scripture, and through prayer. The details for joining from a phone or computer are as follows:

Step 1: At 10am dial 020 3481 5237 from a mobile or landline

Step 2: When requested, enter the Meeting ID 999 8764 3710 followed by #

Step 3: When requested, enter the Passcode 345080 followed by #

You do not need a 'Participant ID' - just press #

If you have a laptop, iPad or phone, you can also get into the service on these devices with just one click using the following link:

(In case you need it, the Meeting ID is: 999 8764 3710 and Passcode: 345080) 


Sunday 28th May: 10am Pentecost Celebration, led by Valerie and Monica

No Cash?

No Problem!


Donate to the church the cashless way


You can now donate to the church with your smart phone!  

Scan the QR code on the Donate page of the website or any of the QR codes displayed in the church.

For more information or questions contact Martin White

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Introducing the Revd Rosemary Pritchard

I'm delighted to introduce you to the Revd Rosemary Pritchard, who has generously agreed to offer cover when I am on maternity leave. If all goes to plan (!), my maternity leave will begin on Sunday 15 January, and I will be back with you on Monday 30 October 2023. Rosemary has recently arrived in our circuit - but, as you'll find out, she's no stranger to the area! I've asked Rosemary to introduce herself, so you can read all about her below. I'm sure you'll have the pleasure of meeting Rosemary in person soon, and that you'll make her very welcome in January. 

Hello everyone – I’m Rosemary Pritchard, I was a German teacher before training for ministry and I’ve been a Methodist presbyter since 1997 – in fact my welcome service at Gerrards Cross (near Windsor, and at that time in the Hillingdon Circuit) was held the day of Princess Diana’s funeral. After 5 years in that appointment I went to the South Essex Circuit, which is actually the next-door Circuit North of here. I always value working with other churches too, so that together we can be a blessing to our communities. In Thurrock we had an evangelistic Youth mission, supported the Seafarers’ ministry on the Thames, hosted the Foodbank and the Thurrock Art Trail, to give four varied examples. I was there for 12 years during which time we saw the population of the Circuit become much more diverse and multicultural, and one of the churches I had the joy of serving latterly had lots of West African families – including a certain Ghanaian Local Preacher you might have met too.  

This led to a trip to Ghana with a small group of Methodist ministers, led by the Rev William Davis, a minister from Ghana seconded to our Conference (who’d been Fred Yamoah’s Sunday School teacher back in Kumasi). William had told Grays Methodist that their minister would never be the same again. I don’t think he could have foreseen that on that trip God would stir up afresh a long-dormant sense of call to serve in Bible Translation. The Connexion was receptive to my sense of call into this work, and I did some specialist training with Wycliffe Bible Translators, spent 6 months in France resurrecting my A Level French and finally went to Burkina Faso in West Africa. I’ve written more about this for the Grapevine.

In the end I sadly gave up the idea of returning there after the pandemic, mainly because my parents are now very elderly. My mum (who enjoys the Keep Fit group at Spital Street) does a wonderful job of caring for dad at home, and it seemed only right to be around to help as needed. They live near Dartford, you see, which is where I grew up.  I’m so thankful for my time at Dartford Grammar School for Girls which ignited my passion for languages. When I was a child, my granddad used to take me to Crayford or The Brent, and when it was Harvest he took me to Hartlip where he had grown up (though I went to a Sunday School run by Christchurch Dartford, which is why my Methodist connections in Kent are limited.)

 I’d thought I might be becoming Supernumerary this year, but God seemed to have something else in store – and it meant I was available to stand in for Naomi when she takes her maternity leave. 

Spreading the Word

In 2022 we had more than twice as many visits as 2021!

In 2021, 418 people visited the website 605 times for an average of 5 minutes 4 seconds. 

In 2022, 721 people visited the website 1299 times for an average of 4minutes 59 seconds.


Visitors were from all parts of the UK, with multiple visits from US (30), Ireland (5), Nigeria (3) and Russia (2).


Popular pages visited were:

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Welcome everyone.

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