Church Notices

29th May 2022

Updated 27/5/22


For On-line Services and other opportunities for worship - see Services page

WiFi login details

A few weeks ago, our WiFi was upgraded by the circuit, opening up all sorts of possibilities for our activities and worship. Here's a reminder of the login details:

For church members and groups:

Username: Church

Password: Psalm100:4MSG

For external users:

Username: Guest

Password: YouAreWelcome

Covid-19 risk measures

The recent meeting of the Property Group (which has now taken over the responsibilities of the Risk Assessment Group) decided, following feedback from the Leadership Team, that:

  • face coverings are no longer required on church premises, but are still encouraged, particularly if you are likely to be in close contact with anyone who may be clinically vulnerable. We will continue to have spare disposable face masks available at church

  • we will continue to collect the names and contact details of those attending services so they can be notified in the event of a positive case

  • we will continue to open the doors before and after services, and windows during, and to use the CO2 monitors to measure air flow during the service. The steward on duty will open the doors if the CO2 level exceeds 800ppm

  • the requirement for social distancing between households has already been lifted; however, please continue to be mindful of those who would prefer to avoid close contact (eg for medical reasons). Please check before sitting down next to someone whether they would prefer to keep a spare seat between them and others.

Dates for your diaries

  • Tuesday 31 May 10.30am - 12pm - Coffee and cake giveaway and prayer stations at Larkfield & East Malling Methodist Church.

  • Tuesday 31 May 3-5pm - Jubilee cream tea at Lawson House with a quiz and ‘Known & Loved’ pencils to give away.

  • Wednesday 1 June 3-5pm - Messy Church Jubilee tea party with Gospel Magic at Larkfield & East Malling Methodist Church.

  • Saturday 4 June 2pm - Picnic and praise for Pentecost on Larkfield Rec. Bring a picnic to enjoy from 2pm, with worship led by the Larkfield Community Church band from 3pm, with scones to give away to passers-by.

  • Sunday 5 June 10.30am onwards - Cream tea giveaway at the Picnic in the Park on East Malling Rec.

  • Thursdays 16 and 30 June and 14 July 6.30pm for a 7pm meal - Welcome Suppers (to follow up contacts made during the Mission Week, and for anyone wanting to explore the basics of faith over a tasty meal).


If you're willing and available to get involved please let Naomi or Monica know. There's something for everyone - from making scones, to setting up, to showing up and chatting! We'd love to have you join us. 

And some other important dates:​

  • Sunday 29 May – United service at St James the Great, East Malling

  • Sunday 12 June – Church family 'bring and share' picnic lunch (after the morning service, and
    before Café Church)

  • Tuesday 5 July 7.30pm - Leadership Team meeting.

  • Sunday 31 July – United service at Larkfield & East Malling Methodist Church

  • Thursdays 22 September, 20 October, 17 November and 8 December – Alpha Banquets

  • Tuesday 11 October 7.30pm - Leadership Team meeting

Our Rubbish and Recycling

Many of you will already be aware that as a Church we are not recognised by the local authority as a domestic establishment and therefore we are not provided with any kind of waste collection. However, for some time now the Manager at Wards Estate Agents has very kindly permitted us to put one large sack of general waste into their one large waste bin each week. In the main this worked well, providing we could limit the volume of our weekly waste.


However, nothing stays the same! The bins at Wards have now been changed from one large general waste bin to one large Recycling bin and a smaller general waste bin, both situated in the Centre Car park. We are still welcome to use these bins but details of how we should proceed in future are shown below.


This will be of particular interest to all those who are involved in any way in Breakfast Church, Messy Church, Café Church, Muffins, Chuckles, Sunday Coffee and Girls' and Boys' Brigades, and our hirers.

We are very grateful to Wards for their consideration in allowing us access to their bins and if we are able to keep within the guidelines, we hope that the arrangement will continue. If we stray outside the guidelines, we may lose this concession altogether and have to take all our rubbish home!

Rubbish and Recycling – Arrangements with Wards Estate Agents

Large Recycling Bin 

All CLEAN recycling ie cardboard, paper, glass, plastic etc as detailed on the bin in the Centre Car Park. 

NB All cardboard boxes to be flattened, please. No food waste or other general waste.

Smaller General Waste Bin

Sue, our cleaner, may put one sack of general waste into this smaller bin each week. However, we do need to keep the amount to a minimum and so we must ask you to take as much as possible away with you after your session, please. We will need to monitor this to ensure we cause no problems with an excess amount.


Food Waste

All food waste should be taken home, please. You may need to consider bringing in bags or food waste bin to accommodate this.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Coffee Cause of the Month

You will recall that before the pandemic we served coffee in the Sycamore Tree and, if you had enjoyed your refreshments, you were invited to contribute a small amount to our chosen charity for that month.


It has been decided to start this up again and in future the red box will be available with details of the cause for the month, including our fund for Celebration flowers for the church. So, if you wish to contribute in a small way, look out for the red box which will be put out during Sunday morning coffee in the hall. Thank you.

Known and Loved

The 'Known & Loved' launch event with friends from Churches Together in Malling on Sunday 29 May at 4.30pm at West Malling Baptist Church.

'Go and Tell' - the opportunity to get creative and connect with people in Martin Square, with support from Chris and the team, on Monday 30 May. If you find the idea of speaking to people you don't know about faith frightening - you're not alone! But Chris and his team will be helping us to connect with people simply and sensitively. Why not give it a go?

Pudding Party

A big thank you to Monica and Rob for opening up their beautiful garden where we enjoyed delicious puddings made by Monica. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and £90 was raised to help fund our Known and Loved events.

Messy Church Jubilee Tea Party

Join with us to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and find out about our “Known and Loved Week”


Wednesday 1 June 3pm to 5pm


Bron’s Gospel Magic

crafts, games,
tea party and praise!

Please book with Monica to be sure of your place (07704 105447 or

Parents/carers, please stay with your child.

This is a free event.

Sue’s Diary

Please, do remember to record any bookings, which may be extra to any regular ongoing activities, in the cleaner's diary. This is kept in the church kitchen on the work surface close to way in. Details of the activity, place and time all help Sue to plan when she may clean a certain area. Thank you.

Known and Loved

Pray for the Mission Week with Chris (our Mission Enabler) and his team in Martin Square at 5pm on

Saturday 28 May.

The 'Known & Loved' launch event with friends from Churches Together in Malling on Sunday 29 May at 4.30pm at West Malling Baptist Church.

'Go and Tell' - the opportunity to get creative and connect with people in Martin Square, with support from Chris and the team, on Monday 30 May. If you find the idea of speaking to people you don't know about faith frightening - you're not alone! But Chris and his team will be helping us to connect with people simply and sensitively. Why not give it a go?


As we come out of lockdown now is a good time for activity organisers to check their page on the website to make sure it is up-to-date.

The website address is

Contact Martin White at


Sunday Club 

There will be Sunday Club (for under 18s) on the second and fourth Sundays. Children and young people are invited to join the 10am service at first, and then go out to Sunday Club.

Expressions Dance

Expressions in Person - The next in-person dance afternoons will be Mondays (1.30pm – 3.30pm in the hall) on 13th June, and 4th July. The other Mondays (except holidays) will be Zoom Dance 2.15 – 3.30 and contact Sylvia for the link

See Activities>Expressions page for latest, full details.

Girls’ Brigade are meeting face-to-face every Monday during term time.  (see Girls Brigade page for latest, full details). 

Muffins & More group

​Muffins & More now meet in the Church on Tuesdays at 10.30am.  If you wish to join with the group in prayer and quiet time, contact Gwen Bartley who will add your email address to her Muffins group. 

 (see Activities>Muffins page for latest, full details).

Craft Group 

Tuesday 2.00 – 3.30 in the Sycamore Tree.  For latest details see Activities/Craft

Online Bible study meeting

Tuesday - 8.30pm - 10pm

Zoom meeting

Meeting ID: 863 9304 1488

(no Passcode required)

Little Larks Toddlers’ Club

Little Larks Toddlers’ Club is meeting in the Church Hall on Wednesday afternoons, from 1 to 3 pm. £1 per family.


Please contact Monica Wilding for details.

Boys’ Brigade are meeting face-to-face every Wednesday during term time.  (see Boys Brigade page for latest, full details). 

Chuckles Fellowship Group

Chuckles meet every Thursday, from 2-3.30pm in the church hall. Cold drinks, tea or coffee will be provided.

Speak to Christine for more information


For full details of Crossover, look at our Crossover page


We ask God’s blessing, love, comfort and reassurance on:​

  • The Service taking place at St. James the Great, East Malling on Sunday

  • Revd. Naomi Oates, our Minister and her family Luke and Rachel​​

  • Revd. Dr. Bonni-Belle Pickard, who is leading the circuit on-line service this Sunday

  • The Known and Loved events taking place next week:

  • The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, especially the Messy Church Tea Party on 1st June;

  • The people of Ukraine who have lost loved ones in the war, those caught up in the conflict and those trying to find refuge in another country​

  • Those whose lives are filled with pain and anxiety and ask that you come alongside them and speak their name.  

  • Brenda continuing treatment

  • Those who mourn and we think of Alison, Neill, Johnathan, Ben and Eleanor. Enfold all the family in your love and let them become aware of you beside them

  • Folk in care homes or awaiting hospital appointments​​

  • Any that we know about who are housebound and unable to leave their homes, we think especially of Delphine at this time

  • The doctors, nurses, and all those working for the NHS, carers in homes and those who visit patients at home​​

  • Folk living in: Whiffen Walk, Whimbrel Green, Winterfield Lane, Wodehouse Close, Woodpecker Road, Wordsworth Way and Wren Close

  • Our church for growth, in faith and numbers and we ask God’s blessing on each and everyone of us, that we might fulfil our calling to be the people of God working for Him.


Lord God, we give you thanks for all the blessings you shower on us along the way of life, and for the painstaking guidance you provide. Amen.

Monica will be preparing the on-line prayers next week. If you have a request for prayer or thank you, the email address is

If you wish for a prayer in an emergency, you can telephone Christine Malins to put your request on the Prayer Wheel: 01732 842647 mob: 07934 384 974 email:


Some of you have asked how to donate to the foodbank at Maidstone Homeless Care's day centre, which is seeing unprecedented demand in these times when so many people's income has been affected by the virus. Naomi is currently visiting the day centre once or twice a week, so if you have food you'd like to donate, you can drop it off at the manse (45 Garner Drive) on your 'daily exercise,' or let her know if you'd like it collected from your doorstep, or contact Zofia (the day centre manager) to arrange a time when you can drop it off yourself at the centre in Knightrider Street.


Oasis UK (founded by Rev. Steve Chalke) have set up a Friendship Line. If you are feeling isolated, worried, or simply could use a chat call them on 020 7921 4272. Calls are charged at the standard rate but are completely free over the internet!

Singing the Faith

website includes service sheets for worshipping at home and links to church services that can be live-streamed: see

Bible Study

The Methodist website includes a daily Bible study:

Inspirational quotes:

Out of all the relationships and friendships we have on this earth. There is one that trumps them all and that’s our friendship with God.” 

Melissa Tumino

Never forget that God is your friend. And like all friends He longs to hear what’s been happening in your life...” 

Nicholas Sparks

If God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it. If He had a wallet, your photo would be in it. He sends you flowers every spring and a sunrise every morning. Face it, friend, He is crazy about you!” 

Max Lucado

All shall be well, all shall be well, and All Manner of Things Shall be Well.” 

Mother Julian of Norwich