Muffins and More


Muffins & More group receive reflections and prayers by email. If you wish to join with the group in prayer and quiet time, contact Gwen Bartley who will add your email address to her Muffins group.

Muffins & More now meet in the Church on Tuesdays at 10.30am. You are welcome to join the group for prayer, quiet time and an activity. Gwen will provide tea or coffee, but please bring your own mugs and something for lunch.

Next Tuesday we will be thinking about and discussing Samaritans Purse Shoe Boxes.


The following is our reflection for this week.

Christian Aid Harvest story

Janet’s story: 'I joined... because I used to admire the women who were already members'

Featuring Janet Ben, member of the Makande Women's Group, and their Boabab juice making production.

Makande Women's Group is a women-led Sustainable Energy Enterprise (WLSEE) that makes baobab juice. It is supported by Christian Aid through the EU-funded Breaking the Barriers programme.

Sisters stronger together

Janet gestures to a pile of muddy bricks, all that’s left of her old house after Cyclone Idai swept through Malawi in March 2019. Her family lost everything. But hope came from an unusual fruit – and an amazing group of women.

In the massive baobab trees near her home, Janet points out the fruit, high up in the branches. It’s this fruit that’s made all the difference to Janet and her friends in the Makande Women’s Group.  Together, the women have united to create a sustainable, innovative, baobab juice-making business.