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Muffins group in Manor Park Country Park

Muffins and More


You are welcome to join the group for prayer, quiet time and an activity on a Tuesday from 10am to 2pm, including lunch prepared by Gwen. However, during the holidays we will be meeting in various other locations.

Next Tuesday we shall be meeting back in the Sycamore Tree at 10am. Gwen will be preparing lunch.


Muffins & More group receive reflections and prayers by email. If you wish to join with the group in prayer and quiet time, contact Gwen Bartley who will add your email address to her Muffins group.

You are welcome to join the group for prayer, quiet time and an activity.

The following is our programme of activities for the Autumn.

27th Unplanned, maybe make muffins
4th Music choices - James and discuss shoe boxes. 11th Make mincemeat
18th Make up shoe boxes.
25th Quiz
1st    Do-nut machine
8th  Unplanned
15th Make mince pies for church freezer
22nd Eco friendly Christmas decorations
29th Possibly as last week and music from Richard 

6th Decorate the church premises for Christmas

13th Make Christmas table decoration
20th Buffet lunch

This week's reflection by Joyce Huggett:


I picked blackberries today, Lord
Not plump , juicy ones like I’d pick in England,

but blackberries just the same - 

enough to stew with apples for supper.
I collected mandarin oranges, too - 

windfalls lying beneath trees
laden with fruit that looks so much like

lights adorning the branches.
Oh! And I saw a robin - 

open beaked,
singing full throttle
in the corner of the garden
it frequented last year.
Such simple pleasures,
Were these the mysteries
you surveyed
on that first Sabbath day
when you stopped and stared and confessed

‘It’s good’?