Muffins and More


Tuesdays during lockdown—Muffins & More group receive reflections and prayers by email. If you wish to join with the group in prayer and quiet time, contact Gwen Bartley who will add your email address to her Muffins group.

Next week Muffins will be meeting at West Malling Country Park at 10am, where they will be preparing

for the summer months and beyond. Please bring your diaries.


This week’s reflection:

The Sun on the Horizon

Give me the sun on the horizon,
a sherbet color morning sky above
give me a clear, cloudless, warm day

then you’ll know why with God I’m in love.

Give me the shade of a willow tree,

the Good Book for me to read
give me a sweet tea to sip on
and I will have close to all I need.

Give me a creek’s mesmerizing flow,

chirps coming from a robin’s nest

give me green pastures with my Lord

well now you can picture the rest.

Give me the sound of children playing,

the laughs and giggles of youth
give me the peace of a summer’s sigh

found around a lemonade booth.

Give me the soft breeze off the ocean,

the sun painting its dazzling set
give me the coolness of the moonlight

and I’ll be close to heaven as I can get.

Give me a day in the radiant Son shine,

let me bask in God’s glorious love
give me a warm summer day to reflect . . .

on the splendor God’s sends from above!

Public Domain
Copyright 2013 Revised 2019

Deborah Ann Belka